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Teresa Mlawer, contribuidora de HOY, le da información invaluable sobre los libros, la lectura, y alfabetización para toda la familia.

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Lectorum tiene la mejor y más completa selección de libros en español para adultos, jóvenes y niños, con una oferta de más de 25.000 títulos. Somos los distribuidores exclusivos de algunas de las editoriales más prestigiosas del mundo:


Almadraba, Anaya, Babel, Bruño, Corimbo, Edebé, Edilupa, Ekaré, Everest, La Galera, Juventud, Kókinos, Litexsa, Lóguez, Molino, Noguer, Norma, Océano de México, Serres, y de los libros de la serie Harry Potter y Gerónimo Stilton en español.

Libros para los adultos   Libros para los niños
Yo Soy MalalaYo Soy Malala
by: Malala Yousafzai
Malala Yousafzai is the youngest person ever considered for the Nobel Peace Prize. She stood up to the Taliban and nearly paid with her life. She shares her amazing story in her own words and proves that one person, no matter her age, can change the world.
Y Las Montanas HablaronY Las Montanas Hablaron
by: Khaled Hosseini
From the author of the Kite Runner comes an unforgettable novel about families. Following the characters from Kabul to Paris, San Francisco to Greece, Hosseini examines how our actions affect others and how relatives can both betray and protect you.

Diario De Greg 7: Tres No Es CompaniaDiario De Greg 7: Tres No Es Compania
by: Jeff Kinney
Love is in the air but not for Greg. He needs a date for the Valentine's dance. Miraculously he finds someone to go with him, making Rowley the third wheel. You never know, though, who will be lucky in love and who won't on such a special evening.

by: Veronica Roth
The dystopic Chicago in which Beatrice Prior lives is divided into five distinct factions. When each child turns 16, he/she must decide which group to join. It's Beatrice's turn to decide and she has to choose between remaining with her family or living her own life. During the competitive initiation process, Beatrice decides to assume a different identity and try and discover who her true friends are. When a conflict arises that could give her away, she realizes that both her loved ones and herself could be in grave danger.
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